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PREMIER Wide Receivers


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Coach Grayson did a great job with all three boys, all different ages with different abilities and confidence levels. Our 14 year old has already used the techniques taught by Coach Grayson in his most recent football game, and we are really looking forward to more sessions!


Coach Grayson is a great coach Braxton my grandson had only one session.I will book more sessions with him coach he showed interest in what Braxton's goals are. The skills he used were on task to what he wanted to practice. Looking forward to more sessions with him!


Coach Grayson was great! He has so much knowledge of the game and my son said he learned a lot!


Coach Grayson is extremely knowledgeable of the sport and has a certain type of moxy one would want from a coach! I felt like my game got better after just one session with him.


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WR Virtual Training Program

Our "do-it-yourself" sessions allow you to receive coaching tips from anywhere in the country.


Receive the workout plan, video yourself and submit for in-depth analysis and breakdown, tailored for the individual receiver. 


We use drills/fundamentals taken directly from college & professional coaches. 



  • Route Mechanics & Fundamentals

  • Footwork/Change of Direction/Agility

  • Ball Skills & Catching

  • Fast-twitch & Hand-eye Coordination

  • Release Moves / Beating Press Coverage

Training Program
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